The importance of trying something new

Like most people in this world I am not perfect and I do occasionally forget the odd thing, and when in the course of undertaking work commitments I can sometimes walk in to a wholly new technology situation, as it does tend to change quite rapidly.

As the owner of a growing business I experience change on a regular basis and understand the need to adapt quickly as technology moves ever forward. The pressure and excitement of business today, be it legislation, marketing practices, the winning and keeping of customers; each and every day is inherently different for me, for my team and for our customers.

Adapting is what we do and as a species, the human race continues to change and adapt – we survive and evolve. The phrase “survival of the fittest”, often attributed to Darwin but actually coined by Herbert Spencer in 1864, can apply as easily to technology as it does to the human race, as well as the business world and global business practice; in fact in every sphere of our lives.

Building Kamazoy from the ground-up, we have continued to focus on helping and encouraging people and businesses to adapt to change or, in extreme circumstances, helped as companies make a major leap to a new technology or service.

Without change, or the lessons of failure, we all wouldn’t be the successful people and businesses we are today. Those who fear change or simply don’t adapt to new environments risk being left behind and open to the possibility of business extinction.