Shoe Retailer Office victim of Security Breach

High street shoe retailer Office has issued a letter to its customers urging them to change their passwords after its website was the victim of a security breach.  The retailer apologised to its customers, but offered assurance that no bank or card details were compromised ‘In any way’ and the matter has now been reported to the relevant authorities.

However, despite assurances to their customers, Office have faced criticism from their customers who feel the retailer’s response to the breach has been poor, offering very little information on their main website, Twitter or Facebook. With online customers being bombarded with stories of other recent security breaches, including the well-publicised data breach at ebay, there is a consensus that retailers are happy to take personal information but not to take responsibility for the sensitive information they hold.

Office have issued a statement reassuring customers that they do take this responsibility seriously. Brian McCluskey, chief executive officer at Office Holdings Ltd, said: “We take such a threat very seriously and have been in communication with our customers to advise them of the matter……..The protection of customer data is of the utmost importance to us and we are treating this extremely seriously.”

Office was started in 1981 in London with a concession in Kensington shopping market Hyper Hyper. It now has 153 sites around the world with concessions in Selfridges, Topshop, House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols.