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HelpSpot implementation, hosting, project-management and customisation

Looking to implement HelpSpot? Kamazoy can provide more than just hosting of your HelpSpot implementation…

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Seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory including caching and multi-OU searching. No more hunting through separate windows to validate user information.

SMS Integration

We’ve partnered with SMS gateways to provide your customers with SMS integration. Send an SMS to your customer, and they can reply back to your helpdesk.


Make your HelpSpot look like your website. Your customers will have a seamless experience when travelling from your support system to your sales system.

Statistics and reporting

Our custom-made reporting systems will let you analyse your requests worth of requests in staggering detail.

What is HelpSpot?

HelpSpot is web based help desk software for managing all your customer support needs.

Email, self service knowledge base, full reporting and so much more. Unlike other systems, HelpSpot is infinitely flexible.

Host it yourself or have it hosted, use your own email systems, authenticate with active directory, LDAP or via custom logic. Best of all with HelpSpot there are no limits. Unlimited tickets, customers, knowledge base articles, api calls and custom fields.

  • Mange email better. Turn disjointed email exchanges into organized, meaningful conversations.
  • Powerful Request Management. Filter, track, tag and categorize. Even store unique data with Custom Fields.
  • Workflow with Rules-Based Logic. Triggers, Automatic escalations, notifications, SLA’s and more.
  • Real Time Help Desk Reporting. Quickly identify helpdesk trends using flexible built in reports.
  • Customer Self-Service Portal. Integrated customizable web form, knowledge base, and forums.
  • Developer API. Easily integrate HR systems, CRMs, bug trackers and desktop software.

The Complete Package


Chances are, you don’t want your helpdesk system to be a one-night stand. With that in mind, our planning service allows us to ensure that your HelpSpot implementation will perform exactly as you desire.


We’ll happily mock up a demonstration of how a HelpSpot implementation will look like, for user acceptance and testing purposes. Kick the tyres and tell us what needs changing.


Whether it’s for ten users or a hundred, the implementation of a new customer services system is a big deal. That’s why we’ll support you every step of the way, with training and documentation and technical backup.

Kamazoy’s HelpSpot implementation service is a tailor-made service; just pick and choose the elements you require. We don’t want to cramp your style if you’d rather do the hard work yourself!x

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Kick the tyres, test the water … we love HelpSpot and can’t wait for you to try it!

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