Royalty-Free, Completely-Free Hold Music – MP3 downloads

I noticed that there is a distinct lack of ready-to-use Asterisk MP3 or WAV file downloads that you can use as normal, simple background music without jumping through hoops or signing up to pay royalties for every caller who listens to it, so I’ve commandeered the following samples from a friend who has created them for your customer’s listening pleasure.

Feel free to download these and use them as you wish – they are all 8000kHz mono files, ready to load straight into Asterisk or any other phone system. Right-click the files and select Save Target As (or similar) to save them to your computer.

They would be good for a customer service queue, where you need to calm the customer down, or a sales line when you need to make the customer excited about snagging a bargain.

If you use them, please let me know how you’ve used it – and if you really want to, a link back from your website to ours would be awesome (but you don’t have to)! Thanks.