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Kamazoy unlocks Classroom IT

Independent consultancy and a clear, concise report allowed Parkside School to progress

Project Description

The children’s input is vital, and Kamazoy’s personalised report contains the different perspectives and ideas that we needed in order to see things from a new angle.

Inviting Kamazoy in to our school has been a completely fresh experience, and it has been great to have such an experienced consultant on hand.

Annette Jones, Headteacher, Parkside Primary School

Parkside Primary School in Staffordshire has begun their personal journey to success, raising tomorrow’s new generation of digital enthusiasts.

Head teacher, Annette Jones, had been looking at ways of supporting staff to meet an ever increasing digital classroom revolution since becoming Parkside’s head. Each day, 180 students attend the school with more IT in their pockets than even they know what to do with, making it increasingly challenging for teachers to discuss technical questions and issues.

Delivering Answers

Kamazoy’s founder, Daniel Dainty, spent the day at the school taking in Annette’s outline plans for the school’s future, and how those plans will work hand in hand with their existing School Improvement Plan. Ways to support teacher ICT training in terms of enhanced skills, promoting strengths and encouraging existing ICT enthusiasm. Daniel also took part in interviewing students and staff to gain an insight in to lessons and ICT educational need. Data gathered and an understanding of where the school wished to head with its ICT capabilities, Daniel then set about creating a detailed and personalised ICTRoadMap™ report, containing all aspects of ICT possibilities, and ensuring progress would be set at a rate that the school felt comfortable.

With the report’s links to examples and existing studies documented by universities, businesses and individuals into ICT usage within a classroom framework, Kamazoy’s ICTRoadMap™ now provides Parkside Primary School with a clear plan to help the school move forward.

The ICTRoadMap™ not only provides suggestions for extended use of existing technology and skill sets available, but also puts forward ideas for forward curriculum strategy, covering positive and challenging ICT curriculum delivery.

IT gets easier as answers get unlocked

“By the end of the year we estimate we’ll have each of our teachers saving approximately 90 hours per year with just one of Kamazoy’s suggestions alone,” said Annette Jones. “Combining the school’s improvement plan aspirations and targets to Kamazoy’s ideas and suggested projects will also allow us to increase attainment across the curriculum and increase results, but more importantly it will ensure our students are better prepared for their secondary schools and their digital lives ahead.”

“I see the tasks ahead of us can only get easier – which is a great feeling.” Annette added.

Parkside’s next steps

Kamazoy’s three-year plan for Parkside Primary School, with easily implemented systems and additional tips and actions to help get the school off to a quick start, includes the introduction of an ICT two-minute-takeaway at morning briefings to get staff interested in current trends and technologies, and to help pass on quick technical support tips, just one of the many ideas put forward by Daniel.

“Parkside Primary School has a very friendly atmosphere and the pupils are incredibly enthusiastic,” said Kamazoy’s founder Daniel. “The school’s teachers have done a fantastic job of ensuring the students are extremely clued-up when it comes to e-safety and the Internet, so I imagine it will be enlightening to both the students and their teachers to have so many ICT doors unlocked in the near future.”

Added Daniel: “I look forward to working with them on their next challenge, and learning what plans they have once all the boxes on the ICTRoadMap have been ticked. I’m sure that day won’t be too far away.”


Discover ways to enthuse ICT teaching and learning through targeted ICT skill methods and dedicated equipment


The Kamazoy ICTRoadMap™ provides an in-depth analysis of the school’s current position, as well as a comprehensive list of new equipment and ideas to try out


The school is on track to increase ICT utilisation in classrooms by staff and students, and the school is looking forward to a great set of end-of-year reporting

Get an ICTRoadMap

The Kamazoy ICTRoadMap™ is a service provided to schools and colleges, designed to help education make the most of existing technologies and to help excel for the future. Providing supplier-neutral advice, each ICTRoadMap™ is personalized to suit individual need.


Project Details

  • Client Parkside Primary School
  • Date 04/12/2012
  • Tags Consultancy, Education

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