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Project Description

The challenge we presented Kamazoy with was to deliver a forty-user customized helpdesk which would not only provide a collaborative and agreed departmental solution to ticket identification today, it would also need the capacity to flex and adapt to accommodate future reporting requirements without an immediate call for new investment.

Working with us, Kamazoy not only addressed the initial challenges of system size and ticketing protocol, they also adapted the system platform as the project progressed. We developed a relationship with Kamazoy very quickly to develop this solution and greatly valued the work they did for us.

Adrian Hope, IT Director, SP, UK leader in brand, retail and POS solutions


SP contacted us with a view to Kamazoy providing installation and implementation for a helpdesk system, but the company had not yet decided which software product to go for, or to use an off-the-shelf system or create something in-house.

Kamazoy provided the help and advice that SP and St Ives plc required to choose, design, implement and support such a system.


Throughout the process, Kamazoy equipped St Ives plc and SP with a consultant who was contactable for the duration of the entire project. The consultant provided planning and design time before a software solution was chosen, and then provided a mock-up solution for the company to evaluate.

“It was critical at this stage to ensure that we’d picked the right product for the job, and that this system was going to last for the next three years at least,” said Daniel, Managing Director of Kamazoy. “Without this success criteria in place, St Ives plc and SP would be looking at a costly reinvention process within a year or two, which would do nothing but waste time and money.”

After a mock-up system was presented and accepted, a proposal was created and a scope of works was agreed and authorised. After a three-week development window, the system was ready to be implemented. Within a few days of the system going live, over 500 calls had been created and the infrastructure was performing exceptionally well.


Our process of ensuring that the needs of the customer are satisfied first, we selected the HelpSpot customer services system by Userscape, Inc. Kamazoy provided the planning, the implementation and continues to provide ongoing technical support, hosting and change management for the team.

Since implementation the system has doubled in size resulting in a number of platform modifications being required – Kamazoy’s flexible nature means these are often carried out at night and done with zero disruption.

Project Details

  • Client SP & St Ives Plc
  • Date 21/10/2012
  • Tags Business, Hosting & Virtual Private Servers, Project Management, Web, Web Development
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