Panic-buying of phone chargers expected at UK airports

America’s Transport Security Administration (TSA) has recently introduced a new rule that electronic devices that enter the United States must be able to be switched on, in order to prove that they are what they seem to be and not a disguise for a terrorist threat.

Jason Fernyhough at Accessory Lab believes this will create a strong sales opportunity for airport retailers.

“Most people board planes with enough charge in their devices for a few hours at most as, more often than not, devices are typically switched off during flights. However, with this new security drive, I envisage more charging stations appearing at airports, rather like the paid for Wi-Fi hotspots. Cafes and public areas hosting charging stations will no doubt benefit from additional revenue,” he said.

With airport retailers already taking advantage of their captive audience with high prices on food, drink, snacks for the plane and anything else last-minute that you’ve either left at home, or tried to bring but have had taken from you at security (really need a drink of water? That’s £4 please) it’s sadly another thing to add to the list to complain about when you’re finally allowed to switch your device back on when you’ve gone through passport control.

If you’ve left enough juice in your phone, that is.

How to avoid being stung

At Kamazoy we’ve long been advocates of making the most of technology, as you probably well know. I’ve personally purchased a few of the following devices to get people out of sticky situations; Nathan from VeryCreative, for example, received a Anker® Astro E5 15000mAh Portable Power Bank Pack which will let him keep his phone, iPad and  topped up while he’s out and about on a photoshoot.

Next time you’re out and about, your portable gadget dies and you feel like your arm has been cut off, think about buying one of these next time you get home. Or better still, do it now!