Server backups are the bread and butter of any data protection installation. Servers are where all the current, recent, and often older data resides. Not just that, but the server is where the applications, operating systems, configurations and system state sit. Protecting these assets is job number one for any IT professional or solution provider. Kamazoy Hybrid Cloud Backup handles all these duties with aplomb.

One main benefit is that our backup and restore systems are both super-fast thanks to Deep Duplication. This means that only changed blocks, and not even just changed files, are sent over the network for most backups. This means you can backup when you want and how often you want so the server backups are always fresh. Even open files can be backed up using Windows Volume Shadow Copy (VSS).

Server backup software and plugins

A good backup is one thing – but a great restore is even better. Kamazoy Hybrid Cloud Backup not only restores the data, with the help of the SystemState plug-in, It can also automatically backup and then restore the system state of a Windows server. This enables bare-metal restore where you can restore to an unconfigured server because the backup includes all the information to set up the machine and move the data over, resulting in a ready to go backup server. Servers aren’t just physical anymore – but just as often virtual. Our online backup can do hot backups of the two leading hypervisor tools, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

IT and service providers will find it easy to backup just the way they want. Setup is done through an easy Web interface, and you decide what to backup using a tree display of the file system. For specific applications such as Oracle, MySQL, Exchange and SharePoint, you can access the specially-made plug-ins. Just as important, you can choose what not to back up, for instance blocking the backup of video files, music, or temp files. And to make sure server backups don’t interfere with network use, users can throttle back or expand the amount of bandwidth dedicated to backup traffic.