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Simplfied for modern business.

Kamazoy Cloud Backup takes the complexity out of backups and changes recovery from an exhausting challenge to a simple reality. Meeting the needs of backup companies, not-for-profits and an array of other organisations alike, Kamazoy is the choice for anyone looking to relax and rewind.

With backups, choice is a good thing.

With Kamazoy, you have the freedom to choose how you manage the diversity of server backups and workstation backups: via the cloud or a hybrid model. Kamazoy cloud backup enables you to send your data offsite for fast, secure and simple online backup.

Our hybrid cloud backup enables you to set up an on-premise storage space, such as a NAS appliance, USB or disk as local storage. We call this “Local Speed Vault™.” With access to your data both on- and off-site, you can complete restores in minutes instead of hours. And you can manage everything from one central live monitoring view. Our automatic re-connect technology ensures backups won’t be sabotaged by a spotty Internet connection, giving you peace of mind.

Protect your data, no matter what the challenge.

Ensuring business continuity for your customers requires you to have a fast and proven disaster recovery process in place. It is vital. Kamazoy offers you options: Bare Metal Recovery simplifies and reduces the recovery time for physical Windows® systems; and Virtual Disaster Recovery™ automates a full system restore to Hyper-V® or VMWare®.

We help you build Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and be the missing recovery link for your organisation.

Backups so fast, your servers can’t believe it

Backing up 9,000 files per second requires a unique technology, one that’s as fast as it is simple. That’s why it’s called True Delta. With it, we only back up changes made to the data – not the full file or volume. This form of deep deduplication ensures you only do one full backup. You then back up on average less than 0.5% of the total data set. We combine these changes in cabinets so your bandwidth and CPU usage remains low. And if you want to save something forever, we offer free archiving.

It’s all part of one powerful solution: Kamazoy Hybrid Cloud Backup.

Data so secure, even we can’t see it.

We utilise world-class storage with around-the-clock security in our datacenters located on three continents.

Our Datacenter certifications meet all requirements for HIPAA compliance and other legal and regulatory standards. Investing in your own infrastructure isn’t necessary either; Kamazoy Hybrid Cloud Backup is scalable and grows with your business. We also offer private encryption keys and don’t allow data to leave its source country, so it’s only accessible to you.


Cross-platform integration comes as standard.

Server plug-ins come in many variations. Kamazoy Hybrid Cloud Backup seamlessly integrates with Windows, Linux® and OS X® platforms, as well as Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint®, SQL Server®, MySQL® and Oracle®. For backup of virtual machines, we support Hyper-V® and VMware®.

The backup solution that sells itself.

What do you need from your backup? When it comes to maintaining your business’s success in the event of a disaster, Kamazoy Hybrid Cloud Backup provides highly configurable and dependable backup, a simple streamlined user interface, a fully-stocked support database, as well as a team of skilled engineers waiting to assist you.

It’s the backup solution that is so good, it sells itself.

We’ll be okay with this USB drive…

Oh, if we had a pound for every time we heard that, we’d be as big as Microsoft by now!

“66% of businesses cited a hardware crash or failure”

The failure to have backups in place kills UK businesses each year. In a recent survey conducted by Kroll Ontrack, the leading data recovery company in the UK, they found that “66 percent (compared to 29 percent in 2010) of 1,066 surveyed customers cited a hardware crash or failure”. It happens. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will eventually fail.

“Solid state & flash devices account for 15% of our recoveries; RAID & virtual, 13%”

Solid state drives have the reputation of being a bit more stable but are by no means failsafe; the same survey revealed that of the 50,000 recoveries Kroll Ontrack performs annually, Solid State Drives (SSDs) and flash devices account for 15 percent of our recoveries with RAID/Virtual infrastructures making up 13 percent. If you take into account the number of hard drives in the market vs. the number of SSDs, 15 percent is significant. This illustrates that data loss affects every type of storage from the consumer grade up to the enterprise level and the impact is great.


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